A member of our community with a beautiful heart posted this to our I Love Fourways Group and we just had to share it!

Posted by Courtney Cave:
“So this morning I went out and put a whole bunch of frozen water bottles on all my surrounding streets in Randburg at 6am for all the guys passing through doing the recycling. And when I went out and checked a few hours later they had all been taken  IT IS HOT OUT HERE GUYYYYSS !!

Please get involved – the guys who will generally help themselves are the recycling guys, so your 2l bottles will be recycled once used. This is another reason why I went out early at 6am – this is generally the time they are starting off whilst it’s cool and the streets are quiet.

It honestly takes nothing out your day – whatever bottles you have at night, fill up and put in the freezer. And whatever your way of distributing them may be – GET THEM OUT THERE ! My neighbor witnessed my bottles being discovered and saw the biggest smiles of gratitude “

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