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I recently harassed all my friends for contributions towards a birthday donations drive that I wanted to do to Woodrock Animal Rescue. This obviously meant that I walked away with a gorgeous 8 year old tabby cat too!

At Woodrock, I was blown away by their dedication to their animals. Which I might add range from kittens to geese and dogs to horses! Despite the horrors the staff see, they are always warm, welcoming and in good spirits. These beautiful animals just want to be loved, to have a warm lap to curl up on, to have a family that they can call theirs. The love you receive from an adopted animal is out of this world and so unconditional.

Right that is my pour my heart out moment, let’s get down to the main reason why I am writing this article. After being at Woodrock and seeing what they do and how reliant they are on public support, it got me thinking about how I could help, but on a grander scale than just a couple blankets and bags of food here and there. Something that could make an impact on their medical section or improve their buildings etc. What I came up with is “Project Fluffball”, not necessarily a new concept when it comes to competitions, but a concept nonetheless.

I already have sponsors from a couple local businesses, which has given me such a happy heart. The idea for this fundraiser would be to gather sponsors – this can be in the form of offering a product, service or monetary donation towards the prize package. If you have a business that can’t exactly offer a product to be included in the prize package, then you are welcome to offer a monetary donation or you can purchase a product to be included. Eg. pots and pans, braai, air fryer etc.

The way that we would be raising money is that there would be an entrance fee for the competition. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Woodstock (I have no interaction with the money, it goes straight into Woodrocks account).

I have attached a proposal of sorts with more details on entering etc. There will be a landing page setup where entrants will enter their personal details and it will also have a payment gateway to make for easy payment.

I really hope that if you are reading this, you get a little tingle on the heart strings and decide to join in. If you wish to join me on this fundraising adventure, please pop me an email to discuss.

[email protected]

Have a super sunshine-y afternoon xx


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