Christmas 2017 is now a pleasant memory and the New Year is already well-established. Many South Africans, however, will be entering 2018 with a less desirable gift from the festive season – added centimetres on their waistlines. For some, this may just be a seasonal blip and easily rectified upon resumption of their normal fitness activities. For others, unfortunately, it simply represents an even higher reading on the bathroom scale than last year, and another futile resolution to lose weight.

Recently, one determined lady has proved beyond doubt that such resolutions can actually be implemented when she was proclaimed Member of the Year in our Transformation Challenge. For her, the magic number was 53,8. That’s the number of kilograms she managed to shed in just 12 months from the date of accepting the challenge. What’s your magic number?

Maybe it’s similar or even more than this impressive figure. Whatever it may be, the remarkable story of Sue Wilkinson has provided positive proof for all of us that miracles can and do happen to those willing to believe and to put their beliefs to the test. For Sue, the reward was more than just a slimmer figure. Her general health improved, her blood pressure reduced to normal, and her sense of wellbeing and self-confidence was given a much-needed boost.

One added motivation for you to join the ”Member of the Year Transformation Challenge” could be that Sue also received a welcome financial boost in the form of cheque for R10 000. What’s the number that might prompt your quest for transformation, 53,8 or 10 000?

At Body20, every member is a winner, whether in pursuit of this annual accolade or not. There is simply no other programme that will enable them to achieve their personal fitness goals as quickly and as painlessly. Just 20 minutes spent in a personalised programme with a qualified EMS trainer is the equivalent of a 6-hour workout at a conventional gym, and just one such session per week could see you becoming a serious contender for the title of Body20 “Member of the Year Transformation Challenge”.

Gaining the body you’ve always wanted need no longer just be a dream. What’s your lucky number? Apart from the number of kilos you are hoping to lose or of the rands you may like to gain, a Body20 studio is your best bet at achieving your number. Give us a call. Enjoy a free introductory session and you could be on the way to discovering a new you. Whether you become the member of the year or not, your transformation challenge starts by asking, “What’s the number for Body20”?



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