With an increasing interest in healthy eating and the practice of adopting cleaner lifestyles going mainstream, consumers want products that can claim, at the very least, to be all natural, low-carb and chemical-, preservative- and sugar-free; foods that support good health and clean living. Already in the industry and conscious that wellness remains a running theme in consumer food trends, the managing director of Nutriseed, Nadine Hardy Silcock has added a new trademark to her growing stable of health brands, The Health Food Emporium.

The new health and wellness retail outlet, located in the Northlands Décor Park in Gauteng, stocks a wide range of highly nutritious and sought after super foods at truly competitive prices – with an option to buy in bulk. From goji berries, raw nuts, toasted coconut, sugar-free chocolate, apple cider vinegar, kimchi and homemade kefir, to dates and gluten-free oats – each shelf is laden with healthful choices.

“The healthy food movement is an unstoppable trend and eating for health is here to stay. Nutrition, and great tasting food features strongly in my life and I am committed to creating convenient avenues that give consumers access to healthy food that’s well priced,” says Hardy Silcock.

With the recent expose on adulterated honey – it’s encouraging that there’s a supplier of 100% natural honey in the [Northriding] area. More than that – the honey can be bought on tap and consumers are encouraged to recycle and bring their own bottles for filing. The entire NuSeed range of seeds and baking premix products are also on sale either in the regular packaging or in bulk.

The emporium also has a DIY muesli bar – an offering unique to the store and an installation that’s really popular with consumers. “Our customers love the fact that they can customise their own muesli with their favourite ingredients. It gives them control over what they eat and how much they want to spend which is important to consumers,” adds Hardy Silcock.

Not just a retail outlet – there is also a café within the

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store which specialises in smoothies, smoothie bowls and makes the best local lattes – from beetroot to matcha or an organic coffee.  You can’t beat the wholesome goodness of the ingredients used in these dishes. For something more substantial – there are soups, salads and wraps on the menu, as well as home-baked and healthy – not so naughty treats to round off the meal. Chocolate dates with an almond centre, gluten-free brownies, muffins and cakes; the exciting list of functional food is as delicious as it is surprising.

“It’s hard to imagine that food that tastes this exceptional can be good for you – but it is. We use only the finest quality ingredients in ways that support health. Substantial portions packed with flavour makes all the difference and our patrons leave satisfied and smiling.  It’s our intention to help customers make healthy eating a habit,” says Hardy Silcock.

The environment is ideal for intimate functions and is available for corporate meetings and private events like baby showers, book club socials, birthday celebrations, and educational talks.

The Health Food Emporium is open Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 3.00pm and between 8.00am and 1.00pm on Saturdays. It’s closed on Sundays and public holidays. Meals can be pre-ordered for collection. No cash is accepted – only VISA or Mastercard payments.  For further details – go to Facebook or contact 011 704-7711

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