Last week we received a notification that 4PAWS animal shelter was going to be shut down and as a result of this, all the animals would be put to sleep. I Love Fourways published an article which then lead to the team creating an actual event on the group to help with #Saving4Paws! The response was obviously absolutely wonderful!

We put a call through to Tammy Menton, head of marketing at Steyn City, a woman with a heart of gold, who within 5 minutes called us back to say they would donate R10 000.00 to the cause. On the same day, Tammy arranged a site meeting at 4Paws to see what needed to be done and got the ball rolling immediately! This inspired us to get other corporates on board and after a few more calls, we had the following incredible contributions and donations.

Monte Casino generously donated R5000.00.

Indaba Hotel and Conference Centre made the following possible:

1. Monthly food contributions
2. Welded cage for French drain (maintenance team assisting)
3. Rocks & Bricks for French drain (in house landscapers, Sticks and Stones assisting with this)
4. Designing the piping and drain to ensure works

Fourways Veterinary Clinic donated 130kg’s of pet food and 6 beautiful beds!

Chartwell Castle and Guest House Donated a Nights Accommodation in their Honeymoon Suite for 2 Adults ( Value of R2320.00.)  Raffle tickets were sold and all proceeds donated to the cause.

Zulu Nyala Donated 3 Nights Accommodation for 2 Adults. Raffle tickets were sold and all proceeds donated to the cause.

ePETstore donated 400kg’s of pet food this month and in light of this situation, delivered 250kg of food on Friday along with some Pedigree Dentastix, Eukanuba treats and a few odds and ends in the tick and flea department.

Avalanche Cedar Square donated 10 pizza’s and a variety of hot drinks for the people hard at work.

Doppio Zero also donated pizzas and have made 4Paws a beneficiary at Christmas in July.

Brian Abrahamson from Bridev  has been amazing! He has arranged further digging of trenches and supplied 3 porter loo’s to assist with the ongoing project at the shelter.

To Delia Forte for taking care of the food and drinks for everyone!

To the countless members of I Love fourways who made monetary contributions, plant and material contributions, bedding and food contributions and to those that made time contributions to be at the shelter this weekend, you are all exceptional human beings and we dont know where to begin to thank you!

We would like to make a special mention to Chris, Gareth and their incredible team of workers from 100 Percent Projects. They literally came to the rescue with their heavy machinery! They dug all the trenches and laid all the pipes which was the biggest most important task! They had a limited dead line and managed to get the works complete in time! Thank goodness for you guys! Without you, this project might not have made it!

Another mention is to Jeanette Prescott, Cedar Lakes resident and one helluva team leader! Jeanette made sure that each person had a task that they were responsible for which made each operation run smoothly! She didnt stop and until the last minute! She did several collections and drop off’s to the shelter and is continuing to make a difference at the shelter going forward!

Last but not least to Tammy Lemmon, the force behind the shelter and the mother to all the animals. Tammy, you and your team of helpers are the true hero’s here! Because of you, these animals have had a second chance at life and know what it feels like to be loved again! Thank you for the incredible work you do! You are an amazing human being! 

Despite several set backs including a random down pour of rain, everyone that said they would attend, got up, dressed up and showed up, ready to get their hands dirty and make a difference to the lives of these beautiful animals!

If you are looking for amazing companion, there are countless, BEAUTIFUL animals at 4Paws and surrounding shelters that would so love and family and a warm loving home.

If we have forgotten to mention anyone specifically, please just know that we are thankful to YOU and for the difference YOU have made!

We did it Fourways! We helped save the lives of those beautiful Animals!!!

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