Fine & Fresh Street Dining. Serving quality food with great service and fair prices! All our meals are prepared with locally sourced fresh ingredients, featuring “Theo’s Famous Traditional Sauces” Now Open! Start your day “On a Roll”

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As a family of great cooks, Theo who has his own brand of Theo’s Famous Peri Peri Sauces and Marinade, together with his step sons Ryan and Elton, invested in a food truck to realise their dreams of one day having a fine food street diner.

All three of the owners run successful businesses and after creating the brand “On A Roll, and doing the odd catering event, decided to find a permanent location and take seriously their foresight for what they could showcase.

They approached Dr Akabor in Fourways, who had for a long time, allowed local traders Mike and Paddington to sell their very attractive wares to the neighbourhood, and happily allowed On a Roll to trade on the open piece of land.

This was the birth of a beautiful colourful friendly neighbourhood venue, that has seating, umbrellas and music playing in the background. A wonderful place for friends to meet and to make new friends.

Every recipe has a unique roll that has been chosen for the best combination.

  • The secret behind our taste! Be sure to try our famous Prego’s and Chicken Wings featuring our very own home made “Theo’s Famous Traditional Portuguese Peri Peri Sauces”. Created for Marinating – Basting – Dipping – Drizzling – Dressing! Homemade deliciousness!
  • Prego’s marinated in Theo’s famous marinade and sold on a dedicated speciality Prego roll.
  • Crispy chicken wings marinated and basted with Theo’s Famous Peri Peri Basting and Sauces.
  • Steak is served on a crispy baguette.
  • Breakfast buns are sold on fresh rolls daily.
  • Delicious burgers are made to order with 100% beef and our special spices and served on a brioche roll specially made for us. Our Chicken and vegetarian burgers also world class.
  • Grilled Toasties are made on thick white and wholewheat brown breads, filled with our tasty ingredients.
  • Chips are ever so crispy.
  • Hotdogs are served with or without onion on a long roll and a quality sausage.
  • Summer Salads are being offered and will be on our menu soon, made with our secret salad dressing which brings you back for more.
  • We offer ice cold cooldrinks, water and Nescafe Cappuccinos.

We will continually be looking at new ingredients and recipes to bring into our range.

In our endeavour to be competitive, we have kept our prices fair given the high quality and fresh ingredients included in our food.

We pride ourselves with quality products chosen with care to give our customers a superior takeaway experience.

The garden ambience that we have created has brought a happy smile to many of our community and resident’s that have supported us in the time that we have been there.

The local Fourways community has been very supportive and are loving our food. We hope to become a household name in Fourways and who knows where next. Watch this space! Our vision has been to create consistently delicious signature food and dining experience, that people will never forget and come back for again and again. This is a family owned and run business and we commit to inject our passion and our love for food and our community into this brand.

We are “On a Roll”, serving Fine and Fresh Street Food located on the corner of Kingfisher Drive and Alexander Avenue in Fourways.

Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 08:00am to 19:00pm.

Contact us on 079 585 2099 for orders!

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