“It has been said that no amount of money ever bought a second of time.”

– Tony Stark

A few months ago, I’d back this sentiment. Today, however, I’d have to respectfully disagree with Ironman. (Tony Stark)

A procedure I have recently paid for and acquired, has quite literally bought up to an hour of time in my day, every day, in addition to giving me near “Marvel-like” superhuman abilities of my own.

For years I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours fighting with, prodding, poking, scratching and literally stabbing my eyeballs to death almost every single morning in the bid to put contact lenses in;

5min…“Come on!”

10min…”Get in there!”

*Drops lens* “F*ck!”


Half an hour even!

Bloody hell. Those that know, know. Conversely, I have had to opt for glasses in lieu of contact lenses, which have been perpetually scratched, sat on, lost, broken and bent. Being short sighted is not pleasant. I’ve only become acutely aware of just how unpleasant and adversely this has affected my way of, and day to day, life today. Now. As I write this article. Looking at my husband, and feeling like I could almost pierce his being with near X-ray vision.

Here’s a little bit about my actual experience.

Finally, the morning of the op arrived. I was absolutely terrified but more excited than anything!

With permission from Dr Deist, I arranged to have my mum come into theatre with us to take pictures and videos so that I could write about my experience and share it with everyone.

Both my mum and I had to put on full kit, hat, boots and gown for hygiene purposes. Followed by that I was given a few anaesthetic eye-drops in each eye, it was quite a bizzare and unfamiliar sensation. No other medication/sedation is given, you are completely awake during the entire procedure.

Shortly after the drops had settled, I was ready for the first part of the surgery which is basically preparing your eye for the laser treatment. A machine is used that creates millions of tiny bubbles under your cornea. That part is completely and utterly painless! I couldn’t see or feel anything uncomfortable.   If I’m honest, the only bit of slight discomfort was from the device used to keep my eye open but that’s it and it seriously is by no means painful.

This was then followed by a device that perfectly assists in lifting the flap (the cornea of your eye) to proceed with the laser treatment. As the laser treatment started, Dr Deist explained that I would notice a strange burning hair smell but again, I didn’t see or feel anything uncomfortable. Within a matter of seconds, the laser treatment was complete. Dr Deist then carefully put the flap back onto the eye and cleaned away anything that may have got in the way. He then gently brushed the flap back down onto the eye to ensure there were no trapped bubbles below this layer.

He then cleaned around my eyes and placed clear protective shields over them. Once that was done, the entire process was over and I could get up and go home (with assistance of course)… I think from start to finish the entire process could not have been more than 30 min give or take.

Post surgery, my vision was incredibly blurred and after a short while the anaesthetic started to wear off and then pain started to kick in. One needs to be understanding though that you have just had painless yet intense surgery to your eye, and the shock to the system is going to kick in at some point. I very quickly took the Stilpane that was prescribed to me and under strict instructions by Dr Deist was sent to bed for 3 hours of rest. Incredibly, after that time, the pain started to dissipate, and my vision became clearer as the day went on. Throughout the day my eyes watered like you cannot believe but I was very disciplined and kept my eyes closed for as long as possible. The best thing I did was put a dark cloth over my eyes and stayed in a dark room.

By the evening I was seeing quite well and when I woke up in the morning as cliché as it sounds, I literally “couldn’t believe my eyes” I could actually SEE properly for the first time in YEARS..

Getting back to the original quote- “No amount of money, ever bought a second of time.” Now that I have had this procedure I have bought arguably the most important hour of my day back. Time that was previously and heavily invested into piercing my own retinas I can now use to compartmentalise the start of each day. Quality time I can now spend with my kids before they go to school. Time I can rather dedicate to exercise, and my work. Intimate time talking to my husband before the day gets away with me. Money“couldn’t buy a second of time” pffft, Ironman! Money, bloody well spent!

Jokes aside.

The actual fees and mild pain and discomfort associated with this procedure are a small price to pay. Frankly speaking, I actually get emotional relaying to others, and writing this article, what extreme joy and happiness this procedure has given me. From crystal clear clarity, unbelievable depth perception and perfect 20/20 vision. The ability to view the world in all its extreme, intrinsic beauty and detail. Leaves in trees blowing in the distance, looking at the complexity of plain green grass or viewing the particulates in my own children’s eyes- Dr Diest has given me the gift of learning what my own body and eyes are actually capable of. Typing this, tears are welling up in these brand new eyes of mine. Eyes that are free from the discomfort of contact lenses, and the confines of spectacles. Eyes that now operate without hindrance nor discomfort. Eyes that were made to see.

“There are none so blind as those that do not see.” If you are short-sighted, living in the 21st century, and have the financial ways and means to have this procedure and you are choosing otherwise, then you are, metaphorically speaking, being as blind as a bat!

Thank you Dr Diest, for changing my life.


Please see link regarding the Myths around LASIK: MYTHS

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