Tyto Project Management released a statement on Monday announcing that they had resigned as project managers in the controversial property development along a green belt in Fourways that is home to our local bushbabies. This is an incredible step forward for the organisation know as Save the Fourways Bushbabies.

Resignation of Tyto as Project Manager for “The Straight Development” situated on Maroeladal EXT 76, Waterford Drive.
Tyto hereby confirms it has resigned from the position of Project Manager for the above development.
The owners of the property, Raven Oak Property Investments (Pty) Ltd (Raven Oak) have been notified and have accepted the resignation.
Tyto have decided that due to the community sensitivity and controversy surrounding the current application for the development, it was no longer appropriate for it to be involved in the project.
Raven Oak are considering their position and will be making a statement in the near future regarding their intentions for the development of the property
We would appreciate that the record be amended to reflect the current factual position.
Any future reference made in relation to Tyto and its involvement in the above referenced development will therefore be factually incorrect.
Yours faithfully,
Tyto Project Management

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