Ahhhh Love is definitely already in the air and Fourways is on a manhunt to #FindGraham! Michelle Roughton was grabbing a coffee at the Wimpy at Fourways Crossing this morning when she encountered a stranger wearing Cherry socks who was rather easy on the eye too. She posted a post to I Love Fourways.

“Okay.. so here it goes… my fingers can barely type, (thank goodness for auto whatyoumacallit”🤪
“Background “
Had a break in between appointments, went to the Fourways crossing wimpy.. (I do enjoy the coffee/cappuccino) sat across a gentleman [email protected]”.. we chatted for a few minutes, we shared some interests, he wore “cherry socks”. I still complemented you on them as you were leaving.
so.. if you’re on this group @Graham” and you’re single.. (NO 94.7 drama) #Amanda #Mark #Marc, I loved our casual chit chat, look me up?? #TakingaChance #2019 #WhereToMeetDecentGuys #HoldingThumbs. ”

Fourways Crossing has stepped forward to give the potential couple R2,500 towards their Valentines Day experience should Graham be found to be single and willing. Wimpy at Fourways Crossing will also be sponsoring them with a breakfast or lunch. Fourways Crossing is clearly the place to be this Valentines Day as they are the new match.com!

SOURCE: I Love Fourways Facebook Group

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