The story of Isaac, on the brink of desperation contemplating his life, went viral a few weeks ago when Spencer Kitson, a Fourways resident, took the time to help Isaac.

Turns out he has been unable to get a job for 2 years and due to having a daughter, he feels worthless, valueless, unsupportive towards is daughter and as he felt the all problems stem from him, it would be easier if he was “removed from the equation” as he put it.

I helped Isaac onto his feet and offered for him to come to my house for dinner, of which he is a flood of tears accepted.

Since this story broke on the 31st of July Isaac’s life has completely transformed. Spencer’s pleas on social media helped him arrange new clothes, a hair cut, a roof over his head as well as a full time job which he starts in September.

This Story has touched so many lives including Ian Jones who stepped forward to offer Isaac temporary work.

Sometimes life seems a bit pointless and you don’t see much reason for carrying on, that is where Isaac was last week.
There is nothing better than the company and appreciation of some four footed friends to give you a renewed perspective and of course some bucks in the back pocket for helping out also helps make things better.
Isaac is helping me walk the dogs until my leg is healed, glad we are playing a small part in helping him get back on his feet.

Isaac also got the opportunity to meet Trevor Noah last week. Thank you Spencer Kitson for the incredible time you have put into changing the life of another person and showing the world the difference one person can make! #ChangingLives

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