Annie Brown has shared a wonderful update on the family that suffered the inconceivable loss of their family home in Douglasdale.

“It has been a traumatic three weeks for Ryan and Sandy Vaughn, but the Jukskei Park and Douglasdale community have come together to support this family in the most amazing way. My garage soon became full with donations of dog food, kitchen utensils, food, bedding and enough clothes to take care of the whole family, including their gardener Martin. Not only has the community supported in this way, but Pick n Pay Douglasdale and their Manager, Chris Constantinou, have donated food and beverages to the family while putting a trolley at the front of Pick n Pay for the community to donate to the family.

The two Labradors who were saved from the fire have been living with Jill who has constantly showered love on them. Tracy Timberlake has organised meals for Ryan and Sandy until the end of September – the whole community have rallied round and each evening Ryan, Sandy and family have had a delicious home cooked meal delivered to them from a different member of this community. Villa Schreiner, a three star bed and breakfast establishment in Jukskei Park, gave the Vaughn’s a badly needed roof over their heads, at cost. Our community also donated enough money for Ryan, Sandy and the family to eat at the Clay Oven every Friday or Saturday since the fire. Fourways High School also supported Brandon, their son, with stationery and uniforms. Even a lift to and from school was taken care of by one of our community members. Cedric from Onamour Security also stationed a guard outside the burnt out shell of their home to stop looters from picking over what was left of their possessions. I am sure I have not mentioned everyone who has been so influential in caring for Ryan and Family, and for that I apologise.

Ryan and Sandy move into a rented property in Jukskei Park on the 1st October. Hopefully this means a more stress-free environment for them to start grieving for their pets and their home. The insurance will hopefully come through with a payment this week so that the Vaughn’s can begin to rebuild their home. The community have shown that there are wonderful people in South Africa who passionately care about their neighbours – before this total strangers. It has been an exhausting and emotional experience to see a community come together, but it has given me a sense of love and support which I have never felt before.” – Annie Brown

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