I like to use Mondays to spread some positivity across the group…. So please take a moment read this!

When you find yourself sitting under a cloud, in turmoil with all that you have to get through and don’t know where to begin, try to do something that maybe you are not used to doing by turning your situation into a positive.

For example, one of my BEST things in life is creating analogies. This helps me to re-look at situations in a different light and to understand that things aren’t always as bad as they seem, very often (not always) its how we choose to look at it.

Here is an example of what I mean.

So you have opened up a new business and things are a bit slow. You expected it to be a raving success over night and two months down the line you are feeling completely despondent and want turn away from it all and give up. Its not at all what you had hoped or imagined, therefore there is no hope for change so you throw in the towel…

NO! Think of it this way!

You are a young farmer who has been given the chance to make his mark and produce the best product there is on the market!

You start off with all the preparations that are required. Right from getting your hands dirty, ensuring the soil is turned and perfectly level. Once that phase is complete, you begin with planting your seeds, making sure each seed is spaced out with room to grow the perfect produce… Now that you have filled your field with your seeds, you need to make sure that each seed is watered and taken care of everyday to ensure maximum growth and healthy plants.

After a few weeks, you notice growth and this is beyond exciting, however, some parts of your field are sitting in the shade and those plants haven’t done so well. Some plants have in fact died while others you are able to save. So without wasting any time, you get your hands dirty again to clear more space and prepare the ground to transplant these seedlings. Your back is sore from the constant effort to keep these plants alive but the joy to see them growing helps reduce the pain.

The buyers from the market come to inspect your produce and are pleased to see the quality of your stock. Whilst they can see the seedlings still need a little more time before picking, the buyers have told you they are impressed with your work and that they will be back in time to buy your stock. Excited with this news, you continue to water your plants and watch them grow into beautiful vegetables that are ready to sell in the next  few weeks.

It is Monday and you plan to get all the vegetables picked, washed and packaged, ready for the buyers on Friday.

On Wednesday morning, you wake up extra early to begin the process of picking your veggies and you realize that an animal has been into your field and eaten half of your stock that you have been so carefully and painstakingly growing for all these weeks. Devastated  and feeling completely despondent that your profits are now halved, you almost wonder whether or not it is worth selling so you go back inside for the rest of the day to ponder your decision.

After a day of thinking, you decide to head out again to recoup what you have left and an animal has come in and taken another half of what you have left! You cannot believe this!!! You only turned away for a minute and you have been robbed again! Now determined and fierce, you grab all your resources and start pulling out all your vegetables! You make sure you take all that you have got including some of the slightly damaged ones. You spend the next day washing, polishing and packaging your produce to ensure they are ready for the buyers who will be arriving later that day.

Waiting patiently, the buyers start to arrive. You have prepared a tray of tasters for them to let them know what all your hard work has been for.

Amazed, thrilled and overjoyed, the two buyers want to buy all your stock however, you now have less than half of what you started with but because the quality of the product was so amazing, the quantity didn’t matter so each buyer wants to take all that you’ve got to offer… The one buyer is offers to pay you double the asking price plus a deposit to ensure you will supply him with your next lot of stock. And the other buyer said I am happy to take these slightly damaged ones as I am able to use them in my restaurant…

You ended up selling your product for 3 times as much as you had hoped and have a deposit to get you going for your next season. The resale of your vegetables has got other buyers talking and you have know received another 2 deposits for your your next harvest! This is just the best news you could have heard!

As much as you were ready to give up, you stuck it out and the future is brighter than ever.  You continued to water your plants every day, even though there were ones the ones that died. You continued to harvest what you had left, despite all that you had stolen from you! Your back was sore, you were tired and felt there was hardly reason to carry on but you did and boy did it paid off! You learned so much with your first project that the next one will be much easier knowing what you need to prepare for! This is not to say there wont be other challenges! There will always be challenges. Its how you choose to face and overcome them that makes the difference!

Don’t ever give up on yourself! There is always a way to make things work. You sometimes have to look at things in a different way to see that even if you feel there is no pot and the end of the rainbow, you haven’t given yourself enough time to get there yet! Keep watering your plants, keep pulling out the weeds. Move the ones that are in the shade into the sun and make sure that when they are ready to be picked, they are perfect and ready to go!



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