YES its true! We are sure you must have seen some of the posts flooding the group with the over-joyed Cedar Road travellers! They are finally enjoying the near completion of the road upgrade and the traffic flow has improved drastically! What a pleasure and what a relief, all that is left now is the paint work and general snagging. Despite the outrage, anger and frustration, the striking, the rain and other set backs, we would like to commend Jodan Construction for completing the project ahead of schedule as the original completion date was set for December. It is a great improvement to the area and is fantastic to have the street poles lighting up the road which has been an ongoing concern for years! HORAY!

We would like to make a special mention and give a MASSIVE thank you to Steyn City for their incredible contribution to this upgrade! See comment from Guiseppe Plumari, CEO of Steyn City Properties:

“The second phase of the Cedar Road upgrade has recently been unveiled, easing congestion between Fourways and Steyn City. We’re proud to have played a critical role in this development through our contribution of a third of all costs. With traffic to Johannesburg’s far north increasing significantly as the area gains traction as a business destination and residential hub, this road improvement was sorely needed.  Even more exciting, completion of road works was ahead of schedule,” 

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