Every year we raise awareness around preparing your home and informing yourself around safety and security. This time of year tends to become “high crime” season and it is important that you remain vigilant and well informed.

Thompsons Security Group have guided us on some important security tips to follow and put in place. Should you wish Thompsons to come and do a free security check on your home, please feel free to send an email to: [email protected] to set this up.


  • Do a walk around your property and ensure your electric fence is in order. Cut back any trees or branches that may be interfering and cause any risks. Also ensure you test that your fence is working properly.
  • Consider installing cameras at your gate and surrounding parts of your property
  • Light up your exterior… The brighter the lights, the better… Ensure your property is well lit and that there is a back up for power failures
  • Test your alarm regularly! It is important to make sure your alarm system is in perfect working order
  • Create a safe zone in your home.. This can be an area that you are able to close off with a proper gate as well as ensure the windows and other doors in that area are properly secure and cannot enable any entry.
  • Security Gates around the house are also important. The more difficult it is for the perpetrator, the less appealing your home becomes.
  • Be careful not to share your travelling plans on public forums as you never know who is watching. If you are looking for a house sitter etc, rather specify your dates and arrangements privately.
  • Join the Blue Heart Community telegram group for your area so that you can collectively support your neighbours in an emergency.
  • Download the FREE Namola app and save to the home screen of your phone. You can also consider purchasing the Namola panic button. More information click here…


We have a lot of active people in out community that choose to run/cycle/walk on the roads. To ensure your safety please consider the following if possible.

  • Take your dog with you
  • Leave any valuables such as your phone, watch and jewellery at home
  • Stay in areas that you can be seen by other members of the public
  • Purchase the Namola panic button and take this with you! It has a built in sim card and GPS tracker. More details here.

Article sponsored by Thompson’s Security Group

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