We are so grateful for these “silent” hero’s that live and walk among us, that sacrifice their time in order to protect us… We will be highlighting these people and asking them a bit about themselves to let our community know who these wonderful people are! We are so thankful for all their hard work!

Meet Caitlinn Kruger, aged 28 working for Emer-G-Med and Thompsons Security Group as an Intermediate life support medic

I started in this industry in 2011. I did my Basic ambulance assist (BAA) course with the Netcare911 college in Midrand. After doing the course I worked as a volunteer to gain experience. In 2013 I proceeded to do my Intermediate life support course (ILS) and have since been working in the private ambulance sector.

I grew up on my Dad’s farm in KwaZulu Natal. My dad works for the South African Police service and is regularly called to serious accident scenes. Town is far so that means delays in ambulances responding to help the injured people. I would go with to the accident scenes to carry my dad’s medical bag as he had done his first aid training. When I saw the ambulance pull up with lights and sirens for the first time, patients being treated and transported to hospital, I knew my name was called. Fortunately my family was very supportive with my idea of becoming a medic and helped me pay for my courses.

The majority of calls I attend to are motor vehicle collisions. Here are some safety tips when driving.

1: Always wear your safety belt. If you travel with kids, make sure they are secured/restrained in a children’s car seat.

2: Always drive with a “Safe following distance”. Two vehicles should be able to fit in between you and the vehicle in front of you when traveling at higher speeds on the freeway.

3: We are heading into the Rainy season. Lower your speed when it starts to rain. Wet roads tend to become very slippery even when traveling at low speed.

4: Your vehicle should be checked on a regular basis to make sure that there will be no mechanical/electrical faults when driving. Service, oil and tyre pressure checks, headlights and flickers.

5: Always follow the road traffic rules. Stopping at red robots and “STOP” signs, driving at road speeds etc.

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