Following the endless smash and grabs and hijacking hot spots, the other major concern that the community fears is the rising attack on cyclists!!!
It is heart breaking to say the least that what was once ones peace, sanity and daily pressure breakaway  has now almost become a fear for ones life and “dare I go on my ride as I fear I may not return home again”…

Please see Comment from SheerGuard:

“Cycling in South Africa is popular for professionals, social riders and family outings. Sadly, this sport attracts a bad element in the form of bike-jackers! The main attraction is the price of a modern bicycle which can range anywhere between R 4 000.00 and R 200 000.00. Every weekend thousands of Gauteng cyclists take advantage of the clean air and open mountain views that the Cradle Cycle Route offers, unfortunately the remoteness of the route also allows free reign for criminal activity.”

“In response to the recent violent attack where a man was shot and almost died, SheerGuard has started an initiative by stationing an outpost at the popular M5-R540 Circle every Saturday morning from 6am to 10am. The outpost is designed as a water station, technical support for cyclists and a communication point to report any strange or unsettling observations along the route. To further secure cyclists, SheerGuard has teamed up with Thompsons Security Group who have kindly offered 2 reaction vehicles to patrol the route over the same time and put up a water station at the R374- R540 Intersection.”

Ricky Walton, founder of SheerGuard says “Being an avid MTB cyclist and enjoying the outdoors as much as I do, I wanted to do something positive to keep the route safe and available to everyone.”

“We hope that this initiative will contribute to the safety of our cycling community so that they can continue to enjoy the sport they love in a safe environment.”

This is the most amazing and selfless contribution to the community and would like say a very big thank you to SheerGuard and Thompsons Security Group for giving these people peace of mind and ensuring their safety! Your presence and service in the community is invaluable!

SheerGuard SA Website:
Thompsons Security Group website:


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