Cedar Lakes, loving their owl project.

A few residents at Cedar Lakes started talking about an owl and bat project in January 2017.
After a lot of research and various information gathered, they brought the first bat boxes in to Cedar Lakes in March 2017.

Following that, three more owl boxes were installed as well as barbet logs in May 2017.

Receiving a letter from GDARD regarding permits in August 2017. They set about raising money in the form of an incredible raffle, which they raised over R24 000 in less than two weeks, with many residents donating amazing prizes, to get the project up and running, it was due to start in September 2017.

Cedar Lakes and Eco-Solutions have now formed a perfect and harmonious working relationship.
The first guests of the newly constructed owl pen were two barn owls, which arrived in early October 2017, they were released in November 2017, after recuperating in the quiet Cedar Lakes sanctuary.

Following that a Spotted Eagle Owl called Scruffy was in their care and he was released on the 26th January 2018.
The next bird of prey, to “rent” the Cedar Lakes owl pen was a Black Shouldered Kite who stayed for rather a long time from March until May 2018, he had some rather major injuries when he was brought in.
Then two barn owls which were released in June 2018 and two more barn owls stayed at Cedar Lakes from June until July 2018.

Yet again two barn owls from August to mid October 2018, unfortunately one died from injuries resulting in a dog attack.
Then they got another Spotted Eagle Owl fondly named Zennifer in honour of the newly completed Zen garden around owl pen. She took up residence on the 10th October 2019 and was release on the 25th November 2019.
Recently two more Spotted Eagle Owls have been cared for and successfully released by the Cedar Lakes Owl group.

Zennifer has since decided to make Cedar Lakes her permanent home and she is spotted daily around the estate, with their facebook page often having snapshots of her on walls, on roads and in trees etc.
Cedar Lakes have pleaded with people not to use rat poison as secondary poisoning is a real threat to birds and especially to owls.

Mike Prior who helped start the project and for three years he has not stopped running this wonderful initiative, his passion is unsurpassed and many residents help run and feed the various owl visitors.

Jeanette Budd

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