The Haunted Forest®, with Beacon, now in its’ fourth year, a flagship Halloween Festival of Picnics in the Park, is taking a wicked leap into the world of horror and fright with the launch of a Haunted House, “The Asylum”, forming part of the Forest Walk at Riversands Farm Village, 26 & 27 October 2019.

The Halloween Festival is not just a Haunted Forest walk, it features a rolling hill picnic area with three films per day curated by The Bioscope Independent Cinema.

As always, we will have a full team of professional make-up Artists in the Make-Up Lounge to bring your imagination to reality from full SFX make up to simple scars by Black& Lime SFX make-up.

Attendees are welcomed via the curated food village tantalizing the senses with the aromas of a variety of foods from barbecued organic meats to fresh vegan offerings.  A big screen, picnic area, dam and a view of the Haunted Forest®, as the mist raises above the trees, creates an eerie greeting to the evenings activities.

The Haunted Forest®, with Beacon Chocolates, will take place over two days and not just one, Saturday will be its’ most extreme, interactive and immersive scare factor experience in the forest with Sunday featuring a family friendly Trick & Treat sponsored by Beacon Chocolates. Oh and we will have Trick &Treat for the big kids too and an extra Beacon surprise in the forest!

The Haunted House, “The Asylum”, our newest addition will be open both Saturday and Sunday for those who would like their souls scared into oblivion.

Guests enter the forest with eerie sounds of shouts and screams along a haunted walk where anything could happen…will you be locked in a cage or forced to walk the plank?

Halloween themed Picnic Boxes by Mediterranean Delicacies are available for pre-order on the www.picnicsinthepark.co

Ticket packages have been designed to suit all pockets with the Family Package of 2 adults and 1 child 12 and under at R350. We know our big kids would like to attend the scare factor on Saturday and bring their little one Sunday, just keep your wristband on and get a ticket for the wee ones. Tickets are available from Quicket.

Your specific Ticket Link https://www.quicket.co.za/events/64660-the-haunted-forest/?lc=54125779

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Haunted House PROMO https://vimeo.com/358760042

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