The Beautiful Heart of A Local Optometrist…

This is a story that might just make your day…

For quite some time, local optometrist Gillian Anne Cooper has been using the BP garage on Uranium road in Fourways to fill up her car. For all this time, Gillian has had the same kind, wonderful man named January assisting her at the station. For quite some time, she noticed that January was really battling to see and being an optometrist, this obviously really concerned her… Gillian decided that she’d make a promise to January that she would help him with his eyes… Sticking to her word, she realized that January’s situation was much worse than she realized and that he in fact needed cataract surgery and this is exactly what she insisted he had!

Gillian assured that all was taken care of and January recently underwent surgery with Dr. Chris van Niekerk at Northcliff Eye Institute… The surgery was a complete success and he has made a full recovery with exceptionally improved vision! This has completely changed everything and has given him a whole new lease on life! Imagine that feeling he felt when he could finally properly see again!

Gillian, you are an incredible human and your heart is pure! Thank you for people like you in our community! We are so incredibly lucky to have you!!!

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