When I first joined this group last year my very first post was met with some incredibly harsh and negative comments. One of the ILF community members took it upon herself to stand by me and defend me for about two days. Since that nasty post I feel like I have truly found my forever community 
First I asked for help finding a job and boy did everyone go out of their way to help. I found the perfect job from this page might I add….🌸🌸🌸Second I asked for help to find a new home for myself and my two kitties. I was honestly blown away by how many people wanted to help. So…. I am over the moon to report that I have found the perfect home for myself and my fur babies. Once again through this community 
We may bitch and harp about things but when someone needs help boy oh boy do you pull together. I am over the moon that I will not be leaving Fourways and will still be part of “my other family” in a nutshell THANK YOU ILF ….
I might be looking for someone to help me move and will definitely be selling some household items. P.S. sorry for the incredibly long post 🌹🌹🌹🌹