The sharp rise in COVID-19 cases in Gauteng has necessitated an urgent and nimble response from the staff and students at Steyn City School. We are fortunate in that many of the structures of our Remote Learning Programme have remained in place from 2020 and so our move to an online delivery has been seamless with our students demonstrating their online learning skills with enviable ease. Students from Grades 0 to 12 are learning at home as per the President’s instruction and will continue to receive their lessons via MS Teams until Friday 16 July after which we look forward to a safe return to school. 

There is no doubt that in-class teaching is far preferred by students and teachers. Nothing replaces the engaged conversations and discussions teachers, and students enjoy when they are at school, but our talented and skilled teachers have made every effort to keep their lessons fun, engaging and meaningful for their students, even if this meant dressing up to keep their attention! 

Our students have continued to read, write, debate, discuss, and explore whilst learning from home. Our leaning platform allows for multiple methods of teaching. Teachers can use online collaboration rooms for smaller discussions and the MS Teams whiteboard replaces the interactive boards used in classrooms. We are so privileged to have access to devices, Wi-Fi, the MS Teams platform, and electricity in our homes and at school when so many children in South Africa do not have the same advantages. 

Our children miss their friends and the daily routines of campus life as do their teachers. We thank our teachers for navigating the challenges of the Third Wave of Covid-19 with resilience, flexibility, humour, and grace. 

It is the resilience of their students that really motivates them to forge ahead, knowing that better times will return. Our school motto, ‘We Reach Beyond’, has never been more applicable! 

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