The People
Whenever one needs to organize an event, there is always special people involved. Mr. Muziwandile
Gumbi is one of them. When I asked him if he could help us, he immediately said yes, in fact, he was
disappointed when we said that we could only do one school because he realizes the need for
education and upliftment.

The School
We arranged to visit Tlhatlogang Secondary School in Soweto on the 10 th of April 2019. The principal
Ms. Khosi Ntuli welcomed us with open arms. She was happy for us to address her pupils with our
presentation and she acknowledge the fact that young girls all over the country needs upliftment

The Girls
We prepared to address a group of 96 girls. They were happy to hear everything we had to say.
They were accepting and eager to learn. A lot of them came with questions afterwards on the
specific topics we spoke about.

The Presentation
Like with most presentations, we wish we had more time. There was so much information of which
everything is important, and you can’t leave anything out.

Certain topics was obviously easier to talk about and some of them were a little bit more serious, but
the girls took the information to heart.

Each Semi-finalist did an amazing job to bring the message across so that every girl could understand
and relate.

The Feedback
The feedback from the girls afterwards was phenomenal. They came to ask questions, ask for advice
and also asked for help.

If we have changed one girl’s life, then we have achieved our goal, but I honestly think that we have
touched a few girls’ hearts.

The Finalists
Each and every Tammy Taylor Mrs. South Africa Semi-finalist did an amazing job to address the girls
from Thlatlogang Secondary School. Each lady spoke about her topic with sincere love and passion.
And all of us had the same goal in mind… To make a difference in at least one girl’s life.

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