“Time is money.”

“We always want more time.”

“Time is a gift we take for granted.”

One of the most prohibitive factors in an effective gym routine is the time it takes out of our day. In today’s climate, most of us don’t have hours to spare to work on our physique, choosing to rather invest our precious minutes in our family or careers. This is ironic, because neglecting our physical selves ultimately costs us time when we are older and start to suffer the ill-effects of years of a sedentary lifestyle.

Fitness is not something you can afford to ignore. Besides the positive mental effects of keeping in shape – confidence, higher energy levels, and decreased stress to name a few – you will literally be in physical better shape to tackle the demands of your children and work as time marches on. Making the sacrifice of time today guarantees that you buy yourself a longer and healthier future.

But this is the best part: with Body20’s revolutionary EMS technology, you don’t even need to sacrifice that much time. Our system uses a series of pulsed charges applied through the skin above targeted muscle groups to achieve in a single 20 minute session the equivalent of 5 hour workouts with weights.

In other words, we need just 20 minutes of your time a week and we multiply that exponentially, giving you the most outcome for your input!

This makes Body20 a win with people who need it most, like moms trying to get back into shape while juggling the kids, entrepreneurs who are running between meetings, businesspeople who are trying to maximise their gains between insane schedules, and even professional athletes who cannot physically train for longer but need to make it more effective.

So there is no excuse to not find your fit! Our personal trainers will keep you motivated and give you essential guidance by combining a personalised Body20 EMS programme with nutritional supplements. Tracking your results through InBody assessments will keep you motivated to track the changes, but it also enables us to adjust your workouts to effect the changes you want to see.

There is simply no other gym that offers such a complete approach to your unique body goals, with the saving of time that allows you the best of all possible worlds: freedom to do what you want today, with the future benefits of a great workout! Come for your free trial today, and see what all the fuss is about.


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