There has been an accident on Cedar Road involving 2 vehicles. A woman has been transported to Life Fourways Hospital. Please be patient while emergency services clear the scene. Thank you to Thompson’s Security Group and Emer-G-Med.

There has been an accident involving multiple vehicles on Cedar Road just outside Life Fourways Hospital. Emer-G-Med and Thompson’s Security are on scene and no serious injuries have been reported. Please expect delays heading towards Broadacres while they clear the scene. Your patience is appreciated!

Good morning everyone! We just wanted to keep you in the loop and let you know that the first part of the Cedar Road Safety investigation has been completed and today three of Gauteng Roads and Transport experts in Road Safety will be conducting a final investigation! This will lead the conclusion of the road safety…

Good Morning, Please note there has been an accident involving 2 taxis and a BMW on Cedar Rd just after 3rd Road (oppposite there Purple Tulip Nursery) SLA Paramedics have transported a woman to hospital. Please be patient and expect delays. JMPD are on scene.

Good morning ILF, There has been an accident just outside Life Hospital on Cedar Avenue and Cedar Ave West. Patients have been transported to hospital. Traffic is backed up. Please be patient while EMS clear the scene or take alternate route.