I wrote not long ago about how we tend to in this modern world, be multitasking and juggling balls, and how we need to think not about juggling the balls better but about learning to throw the balls better.

And now I want to touch on the topic of stress today and here too, turn your view of stress upside down in a way that you can view it as a positive aspect of your life and use it to your advantage.

I’ll start by giving you a personal example.  Last year I learnt some invaluable albeit expensive business lessons when I was involved in managing a gym. After giving it our all, the other 2 directors and I just couldn’t make it work. Now despite this failure, and suffering financially it was now in hindsight the best thing that could have happened.

I had to keep going, and look after my current clients, and could have easily chosen to take the passive route, licking my wounds whilst slowly picking up the pieces. Instead, I chose this “rock bottom and stressed out” position, as a way to fuel the fire to go forward to create what I knew I always wanted… for my own personal brand to become greater than myself. For it to take on a personality of its own, and to create something that would be able to help many more people reach their goals and enjoy their own fitness journeys.

I used the stress of my situation to stay hungry, work harder, work smarter. I thrived at all the new aspects of my business I had to now attend to and the joy it brought me seeing my apparel, my online programs and ebooks, my website and collaborations with brands I have long loved and respected all come to life.

This would never have happened had I looked at stress differently with a victim mentality.  Now this is most certainly not a eureka moment, in fact the term “Eustress” was coined by endocrinologist Hans Selye, consisting of the Greek prefix eu – meaning “good”, and stress, literally meaning “good stress”.  And this is the point I want to bring home to you today.

Look at stress as a positive, be persistent towards your goals. Be relentless in the face of obstacles that cross your path.

Now If you don’t include exercise as a form of releasing daily stress, you are in my opinion being your own worst enemy. To me, it is the most effective way in assisting with handling not only how stress makes you feel, but counteracting the negative effects that stress can have on your body (often these are immeasurable until its too late).

To end off, I’m going to list my 5 Top Tips for including exercise in your daily life if you feel you currently don’t have the time or don’t know where to start:

  • Spend as little as 15 minutes per day and either go for a walk, take the stairs, or do a quick home ab workout that you can find online or from an exercise app.
  • Enquire about the services of a trainer or online coach to help you and guide you in setting up a structured training and eating plan
  • Call a friend or group of friends and arrange a weekly or biweekly group training session
  • Join a park run closest to you once a week
  • MOVE more, literally!!!!

Much Love


Dynamite – @trainingwithsarah



Dynamite Training | Biokineticist | Online coach | Internationally Sponsored Fitness Bikini Athlete

My fitness journey began when I hung up my Ultra marathon running shoes, in exchange for crop tops, leggings and deadlifts. My passion for lifting weights and sculpting my body grew, and before I knew it I was placing in the top 5 in all the fitness shows I entered. With determination , discipline, the help of my incredible coach Jack Lotter, and belief in myself I became an internationally sponsored Fitness Bikini Athlete. I have always been involved in the health and fitness industry and I’m passionate in helping others overcome not only injury or chronic disease, but become better and more improved versions of themselves. My favourite saying is “start as you mean to go on.” In other words, if you want something, plot out a path to achieve it. Make a dream a reality and it soon becomes a goal. Thats how you learn to achieve YOUR “impossible.”

I also write for the sweet life magazine, which is a publication aimed at Diabetics…Sweet Life Mag

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