Strength in Numbers – By Sarah Lotter – Dynamite Girls

The definition of this is that a group of people has more influence or power than one person…

How true this is, and how often we fight against it by trying to be independent…

Why I thought this was relevant to this weeks mail was that more often than you may realize, you try to go it alone, and to your detriment. Every day there is a to do list, a training session to fit in, meetings, deadlines, other colleagues to supervise, not to mention of course the juggling balls of life on top of this as our roles as mothers, fathers, colleagues, partners, leaders friends… the list goes on.

Now as much as you can’t please everyone all of the time, you also need to sit back and think, did I actually ask for help this week? Or more importantly, did I give back? Did I look at those around me offering helping hands, and brush them off because I was too busy. Did I not offer help because again, I was too busy having to deal with my pile let alone having to take on anything else.

If you stop and look around you, you won’t believe the amount of support there is. Not only in asking for help but being able to give help even by just sharing your own experience.

I dedicate this mail to an incredibly inspiring group of Dynamite Girls that happen to be some of my clients. Many of them have come out of their comfort zones recently to share their transformations, weaknesses, failures, and triumphs. Not once during any of these times did anyone feel like they had lost something. The person sharing felt a weight lifted off their shoulders, they felt empowered, uplifted and amazingly stronger. The people reading the information or seeing the post, felt appreciation, empathy, compassion and inspiration.

You say you don’t have time to do X, Y and Z. Can I tell you something…… you can always MAKE time.

So for the week ahead, I want you to stop, take a moment to look around you and appreciate the people in your circle.


Much Love


Dynamite – @trainingwithsarah


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