Steyn City is best known for the 2 000-acre indigenous back garden from which the award-winning development derives its parkland status. Now, the residence is seeking to make sure residents at other developments can enjoy the benefits of nature, with a generous donation of 12 000 trees to Riverside View Mega City, a neighbouring suburb.


Riverside View Mega City, a development by Valumax Northern Farms, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Valumax Group of Companies, comprises 10 082 residential units of which 2 948 is freestanding Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP) units, 4 140 Multi-storey Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) units, 1 565 Multi-storey rental units and 1 429 multi-storey sectional title units. The project is located directly north of Steyn City and shares a boundary wall.


Hilton Stephens, landscaping manager at the Steyn City Management Association, explains that the donation includes a variety of tree species, including Olea europaea (wild olives), Combretum erythrophyllum (Bushwillows) and Celtis africana (White Stinkwoods). “We are rolling out this project in several phases. The first phase sees us donating three trees to each home at Riverside View; next, we will move on to planting parks and general common areas. Finally, in Phase III, we will look to forest the servitude.”


Stephens adds that the donation is part of Steyn City’s long-term plan to boost the neighbouring surrounds. “Steyn City is founded on a disused quarry, which we have successfully rehabilitated to the extent that the parkland now attracts a number of indigenous fauna species,” he says. The rehabilitation has included plantings of hundreds of thousands of trees, shrubs and ground covers, which has not only beautified the area but also created a green lung.


Stephens is looking forward to seeing other areas in the region benefit from the same greening effect, which has several positive outcomes: the trees will provide a cooler micro-climate, for example. But it’s not only the environment which stands to gain: residents at Riverside View Mega City will be able to enjoy the perks of living alongside nature, just as those at Steyn City do. These include enhanced mental and physical wellness, a reduction in stressful elements such as noise, and the sheer pleasure of living in a beautiful urban forest landscape with shady areas.


Steyn City’s partners in the project include Golf Data, which provides landscaping services to the development and which will guide Riverside View Mega City residents in planting and caring for their trees, while Valumax’s site manager Medupi Phala is set to oversee planting in general areas. “I’ve enjoyed this educational journey, informing residents about the importance of planting trees for future generations so that there are beautiful shadows for the future. We really appreciate the generous donation made by Steyn City Properties and we hope to continue this good relationship between Valumax and Steyn City, and highlight to the residents that they’ve good neighbours on their doorstep” says Medupi.


The project has been warmly received by Riverside View residents. Kedi Mothemela, a dedicated plant lover who loves the trees she received on Saturday, said, “Thank you very much, I appreciate the donation and the initiative. Steyn City, you’ve touched my heart. Our children will be able to climb trees some day,” she said.


“We are thrilled to be part of creating this legacy, which will last for generations to come,” Stephens concludes.


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