Some still call it “The Sticks” but we call it HOME! – Jenna Dawes

I don’t know about you, but I seriously do love Fourways. As mentioned in the previous post, having lived here all my life, I’ve always felt such a closeness in our community… like if you walked into the green grocer or hardware, you were greeted by name! Everyone knew everyone and that was a good thing!

Over the years, for those who have been around, we have all seen Fourways has just kept on growing. The development has been remarkable and we have so much to be proud of! Some things were done brilliantly, others, not so much, but on the up side, the plan is to improve the entire area drastically which is terribly exciting for all of us. I love seeing the different phases of development happening at Fourways Mall and cannot wait to see the outcome. I cant say I’ve been loving the traffic though, and I seriously hope this will improve once all the major work has been done. In the past, we may have had to venture out a little further for certain things as we didn’t always have all we needed on our door step, but now, I think Fourways has everything there is to offer! From being a dusty little area with most of our views being of cows and veld grass or the Boswell Circus on the way to school, to a major, up and coming City Centre! It really is awesome!

One of the things I love most though, is that just a few minutes down the road we have Muldersdrift and the beautiful countryside! Going out there makes my heart so happy! We really do live in a beautiful City!
Anyway, I don’t care if people call it “The Sticks”! Heck, I don’t care what people call it! But what I do care about, is the members of our community sticking together to improve the area we live in and to work together, not against each other. Together we really can make a huge difference and I’m so excited about our future! Lets not only make Fourways the best that it can be for us and our families, lets turn it into a destination that is the best for everyone!

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