‘Being at that park, with the dogs and all the people, is a sanctuary that most people don’t realise is there. Just a little bit of paint has brought so many people together.’ – SleepyJoe.

It isn’t difficult to miss the artistic brilliance of SleepyJoe at the Kingfisher skatepark. This talented artist shares his story on his Instagram page – you can find out more about him by searching his handle: @sleepyjoetong

SleepyJoe has created quite the wave of excitement by bringing splashes of colour to the skatepark. He says that his aim was to break the stereotype of skateparks being dreary, unsafe places and create a beautiful space for the community’s children to be able to skate. This great idea has resulted in a number of donations and people reaching out to him in order to help. SleepyJoe is incredibly grateful for the overwhelming enthusiasm that the community has shown towards his idea.

Unfortunately, they have realised that in order to create a safe and exciting skatepark – we’re going to need to give the skatepark a little bit of facelift. SleepyJoe has called this project ‘The Skatepark Rejuvenation’. We have managed to cover the costs of getting a contractor to resurface the park which will take about a week and a half. SleepyJoe hopes to add a few more ramps in order to make the park a bit more exciting. John, the contractor, is hard at work, and we are grateful for his willingness to assist in the construction. If you are looking for someone in the construction business – he is your guy!

We are still in need of some paint to cover the cement before SleepyJoe can work his artistic magic on the skatepark. If you are interested in donating, you are welcome to contact the I Love Fourways admins so that you can be put in contact with SleepyJoe himself. He mentioned that he is an ex Bryandalian and has therefore spent many hours in this park when he was younger. This skatepark is dear to his heart and it shows in his passion for this project.

We would really love to be able to work with SleepyJoe in his endeavour to build a beautiful (and safe) sanctuary for the people in the area. SleepyJoe shares his intentions of wanting this to be seen as a community project rather than a project that is centred around himself. Let’s get together and help this great initiative. Let’s add some more beauty to our community!

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