I was having my “last minute.com” hair done for the holidays at my favorite “Barber of Decades” at Broadacres and got chatting to two sisters who just turned out to be flipping fabulous!
Among all our chattiness, I soon discovered that Tamaryn is a singer and is headed off to Cypress this week to record more music and make another music video!  I was so excited with all this and had a total star struck moment so I said to her that I would share her amazing talent with our community!
I absolutely love local talent and it truly makes my heart so happy to see people living their dreams!

Tamaryn’s stage name is Karma and the Apple Music link to her song Is below! It’s very cool so download it and show her some love! Well done Karma! So proud to have such an awesome person with incredible talents in our community! Good luck for what is next to come!!!

Song By Karma:  Image – Marc Robin x JungleGum Remix


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