Following the meeting held on the 23rd of August we will be launching a security initiative from Monday the 10th of September.

From Monday the 10th of September 13 armed response companies have committed to a sustainable roster that will see them taking up daily positions at our intersections. These companies have joined forces to actively patrol these intersections at peak times in an effort to protect the community.

This high visibility campaign will be in operation Monday-Friday. On weekends they will take up adhoc positions and will focus on patrolling.

Many companies have come forward to offer services and features beyond the intersection patrolling to tighten the security of our area which will roll out in the coming weeks.

We once again would like to take this opportunity to recognise these companies for getting involved in this campaign, they are doing this at their own cost and it really shows true dedication to the people of our community and their commitment to our safety.

Please post your pictures to the group so that we can show them our support!

#FourwaysAgainstCrime #TakingBackTheWays #Safety #Crime

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