This week has been littered with crime discussions on the group. Its good that these issues are discussed as we need to be aware and be more vigilant.

This is an nerve racking yet heart warming update from Carmen Jordaan who saved the two emaciated dogs 3 weeks ago (Click Here for original story).

“These two beautiful souls are getting stronger and stronger by the day. They are still with us as we haven’t found a forever home for them yet. In the early hours of this morning there was a burglary in our complex in Broadacres AGAIN but this time it wasn’t our unit. Duke is an amazing watch dog and he knew something was up as he wouldn’t stop barking, which is unlike him. We kept telling him to keep quite but still he wouldn’t stop. It turns out it was for good reason because two armed men (one very large and as tall as the door frame and one small man) had broken into the house opposite us. The police say that these men broke into another complex in the area the previous night. Please be vigilant. Xxx”

Tighten up your security where you can, if your dogs are behaving strangely call your security company to do a check, be aware of people around your cars, check your mirrors to see if you are being followed and watch your belongings in our shopping malls.

Be Safe Fourways!


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