We were invited to join the Rodizios team on Friday night. It had been a long time since I had been to Rodizios, for some reason I have always associated it with a corporate venue or big birthday kind of place.

The Brazilian atmosphere lends itself  to a cozy, festive and fun night out. It was absolutely packed with tables of all sizes, families, kids and even the British Police Rugby Team were in attendance on Friday night.

The food was excellent, we were not up to the famous Rodizios meat festival so we ordered off the menu, the salad was honestly one of the best salads we had had in a while, their prawns are amazing, calamari was beautiful and their steaks are seriously world class!

We had been seated next to 3 big tables which were occupied by the British Police Rugby Team who are currently staying in Fourways at the Southern Sun at Montecasino. They played the Rustenburg Impalas at Ellis Park on Saturday, the Impalas won. We asked them why they had chosen to go to Rodizios and they said it was known as the best place to go for some incredible meat.

The dancers hit the dance floor just after nine and put on a great show, the live music was awesome as well as the DJ. As the chilly winter nights roll in Rodizios is a great option if you want a fun evening out but overcrowded bars is not your thing!


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