We have been upset by the knock on effect of the recent restrictions imposed on restaurants on Sunday. The impact that this has on the livelihoods of people in the community who work in these restaurants and rely on tips is severe as they will not receive a cent while this restriction is in place.
The BHC team have been watching and listening to the community over the past few days and have with the best of intentions come up with a solution that we believe will help connect us, the community, to the restaurant staff to help fund this issue.
This is basically a “Go fund me” page where a restaurant can upload their restaurant and staff and we as the community can tip them over the next few weeks. We have tried to keep this as transparent as possible to ensure that funds are received in full by the right recipients. We have set up a dedicated Payfast account for transparency so that reconciliations can be done and we can present a history of transactions. Payfast does charge a small fee for their services.

To register your restaurant or to make a donation click here: https://tipus.co.za/

So here are the T’s and C’s
  1. Only restaurants in the greater Fourways area can be recipient.
  2. The campaign will end when restrictions are lifted.
  3. The chosen payment gateway is PayFast they take a transactional fee however no other fees apply.
  4. Money is paid across weekly when funds are made available by PayFast.

Let’s be the change and help restaurants through this difficult time.




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