In case you missed this post on our group, Mand Hill shared this story with us… 

“On N1 South now in the pouring rain a young lady was stranded in her car in the middle of the road on William Nicol offramp, people hooting & being horrible as usual…  I stopped to ask if I can help her & suggested she ask the guys in a Bakkie behind her to at least push her vehicle to safety out of the way whilst she waited for the person she’d phoned to arrive… Well done to these 2 men from Paint Fellas (I think, from their jackets) for getting drenched whilst helping the young lady… They even got into her car to steer while the other pushed it to safety… More men like them needed in this world…”

Thank you to these awesome guys for helping out! It’s always reassuring to know there are people out there that care!

#BeTheChange #Community

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