Pump up the volume and play that music!!!!! 

So, I really hope that since the days are warmer and longer, and the smell of summer is in the air that you are feeling motivated and positive about ending off the year with your health and fitness as a priority! If not, all is not lost, there is still a way!  

Put on those earphones, and pump up that music, and yes it can be that simple! 

It is no secret that stress, and fatigue can kill motivation, and it is most certain that you are feeling worse for wear at this stage of the year. But I can promise you this, if you spend some time this weekend putting together a kick ass playlist, it will be time very well spent.   

When you listen to music it can do so many things: 

  • Stimulation: the connection between auditory and motor neurons is enhanced 
  • It engages the sympathetic nervous system, enhancing your ability to move and train harder 
  • It helps the brain escape routine  
  • It provides a distraction to fuel your workout  
  • The pace of the music can help to affect the intensity of your training  
  • Music can distract from the ‘pain’ and exertion of exercise 
  • It can lead to feelings of pleasure and positive changes in behaviour  

Now if those reasons aren’t enough, I don’t know what is! Get that list together, use Apple Music, Spotify, or any other app and get that kick ass playlist ready. I’m feeling excited for you!  

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Sarah Lotter Online Coach

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