On 18 September, the Steyn City School community witnessed 17 Grade 11 students commit to serving their school as the pioneering Leadership Team of 2021.
Their Heads of School, Lesedi Leshika and Erin Bergh, read the 2021 Leadership Commitment to the school, promising to lead the school with courage, restraint, humility, and generosity, and committing to building and growing the school with positive and inclusive intent.
Leadership in schools has evolved in the last two decades with the realization that all young people need leadership skills to lead and manage their own lives. A positive and constructive leadership programme at school exposes senior students to vital life skills that they will use in the adult world. Traditional school leadership systems usually only allow for one type of leader to emerge and do not recognize the importance of different leadership strengths.
The Steyn City School Grade 11s spent time in leadership training where they were challenged to think about the Barack Obama sentiment that ‘ordinary people working together can do extraordinary things’, and how this concept will grow a school culture of servant leadership. The Grade 11s described their ideal student leader at Steyn City School as compassionate, respectful, courageous, loyal, pioneering, and as someone who demonstrates absolute integrity. These are the leaders we envisage for Steyn City School.
As their pioneering matric class of 2021, the Grade 11s have already shown their strength, courage, and spirit as they embrace all that our school offers. Their maturity and support of each other during the leadership application and voting process will ensure that these young adults leave a lasting leadership legacy at the school. They look forward to watching our young adults lead with integrity, compassion, and the pioneering spirit that is uniquely their own.

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