Post by: Ria Erasmus

“The very real fear of living in South Africa, when waiting at a traffic light to turn green, amidst dozens of cars, when thugs smash your window to try and grab something out of your car, with you in it – brazen and evil.
The purpose of this post, though, is to somehow say thank you to Jean from Supa Quick in Fourways, who was in the car behind me, who jumped out when he saw this happening, while the thug kept on hitting my window, trying to break in.
Jean – if you did not do this, he probably would have succeeded eventually, causing much greater loss and trauma. You probably acted without thinking about your own safety. Afterwards, you pulled me off the road to check that I was OK, and you guided me to the nearest police station.
I hope that this brave and selfless act comes back to you tenfold.
I can only say thank you, you really helped me in that traumatic moment.
I have sent a similar message to #supaquick, and hope that my appreciation reaches you.

If anyone knows Jean, do let him know that he was my guardian angel!”


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