We have officially hit the silly season and this is my absolute favorite time of year. My tree goes up at the beginning of November because Christmas decorations make me happy, I listen to Christmas carols for the next 6 weeks, constantly, I just love the energy that Christmas brings, the excitement of the kids, the craziness of the malls and the opportunity to slow down a bit.

I also know that it’s a really hard time of the year for many people and it forces us to take a minute to reflect, be grateful and to give a little something to someone less fortunate.

There are so many initiatives that are running at this time of year it’s hard to know who to support. This Christmas if you can spare R150 please consider getting behind the Delivering Happiness to Diepsloot campaign, it’s important that we support the communities on our door step, this initiative will make so many kids so happy.

Steyn City have arranged for thousands of Diepsloot kids to receive a backpack, not just a tacky promotional backpack but a good quality school bag that will not break after 1 month. The bag if filled with life essentials that make these kids’ lives a little easier. Every Kid will receive a ball, a water bottle, a stationary pack for school, an amazing sweets pack, a pencil case, school books, a food pack for their family, toiletries AND my favourite an amazing poncho for when it rains (these kids get soaked when it rains)….it’s amazing. This backpack gives a kid a little bit of an easier start next year and you will really be helping them out.

Please watch this video, it really hits home and shows how amazing this initiative is, you don’t need to do anything other than click on this link and donate R150, lets #CHALLENGE our friends in the community sponsor a kid, let’s give these kids a great Christmas, they deserve it and it is the least we can do.

The bags will be handed over to the kids on the 22nd of November so if you would like to get involved please do so before then.

TO DONATE click on this link






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