This is a collective post regarding taxi’s and general motor vehicles as there is OUTRAGE regarding traffic and law breaking in the area at the moment!

Firstly lets touch on the Cedar Road Upgrade:

There was a video posted to the group about taxi’s driving on the new part of Cedar Road which is still closed and being worked on. There were reports that this will likely damage the new road as it has not yet ‘cured’… Jodan Construction have in the mean time put up barriers to block the taxis from using this road. (see video here) The good news (in case you missed it) Is that Jodan Consruction seem to be ahead of schedule and expect to be finished with the road upgrade in October (2 Months in advance!)

Another Post Came up with taxi’s driving on the Pedestrians Walkway on William Nicol putting even more peoples lives at risk, hooting at the pedestrians to get out of the way. (see video here) This is absolutely outrageous and has got to be stopped!

Vassa Reddy said:  “So i have just sent a mail to the executive mayor of the City of Johannesburg – [email protected] with some of these pictures, can I suggest that all concerned ILF people do same, maybe if he is bombarded with e-mail request on doing something about this , maybe something may happen to curb this issue…?”

Please also send to: [email protected]

Please ILF Community! Let us all do this! We really need to take it upon ourselves to get the message across!!!

The next comment is how general members of the public along with the taxi’s are happily breaking the law by driving up the wrong side of the road! We published an article last week on how there was a serious accident just before HeronBridge School with a taxi that collided with another vehicle as he was driving the wrong way. (See article here)

We understand that everyone is in a panic to get to work and schools on time but this kind of behavior is unacceptable! Not only are they putting their lives and potentially their passengers lives at risk but they are seriously risking everyone else’s around them which is just not on!

We are all facing the same dreaded traffic everyday! Please can we try and respect one another and the rules of the road! Risking your life and those around you simply isn’t worth it! Breath, listen to music and try to remember that everyone else is in this battle with you!

Happy Wednesday ILF



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