As if sitting in that ghastly traffic isn’t bad enough on a daily basis, local residents in Fourways and the surrounding areas have been battling with water issues for not just a few days now, its been on going for years!

It is obvious that with all the development in the area, the existing infrastructure is taking a serious beating and so are the locals. I published a post on ILF not so long ago try to calm the nerves of everyone that face the daily traffic in Fourways but this situation has now gone way beyond that causing several businesses to shut down! It is heart breaking to say the least and is leaving other businesses extremely unsettled.

This post however is about the on going water issues this area faces and this situation is seriously getting out of hand. I stay in a beautiful lifestyle estate in Broadacres and we CONSTANTLY have water issues. Luckily I have 3 back up plans for this as I have a small baby and serious OCD so no water is a serious problem for me. My husband installed a Jojo tank which supplies us for up to 3 days. We have a portable generator so that when we have no power as well as no water, we are able to crank up the genny to get the water pumping into the house. For our second back up, my husband runs a hose pipe from the swimming pool through the house and into the JoJo tank. He uses a fish pond pump to pump the water through the hose and into the tank! He really is quite something! My very own Macguyver! Ha-Ha! My last resort is my parents house! They have a borehole so they’ve got a constant supply of water! If all else fails, we pack our bags and go to their house! Luckily they live on the same estate!

A Director of our Estates Homeowners Association went along with a water engineering expert to Talavera to give us an update on the current situation!

Water Update – Sat 15 July – 11h00

Water Expert (Remaining anonymous who has many years experience in this field) and I (Estate Resident) have just returned from Talavera. The “burst” (although it is not really a burst) is at the same place where the repair was done 2 days ago. It is outside the estate just at the point where the pipe bends and crosses the Klein Jukskei River.

The blue clamp on the join they worked on a couple of days ago has moved owing to the huge pressure and forces that these pipes are under and began leaking seriously again. In the first picture you can see the water swirling as it drains out of the pipe from the space caused by the clamp moving.

On the right of the second pic, you can see the large concrete “thrust block” which is there to stop the pipe moving when the huge force of water goes round the angle in the pipe there. The pipe obviously did move, and the clamp shifted.

We waited while the pipe drained (fortunately only about 20 minutes as it had been draining all night). And the team has now started working on dismantling it. They will check that the pipe itself is not damaged (which will need a replacement) before they re-clamp it.

What they will have to do though is to cast new concrete against the pipe to ensure no movement. This will obviously delay the re-establishment of water flow, but is completely essential to stop the damage happening again. John’s estimate is that we probably shouldn’t hope for water before Sunday evening. JHB Water are not providing an estimate at this time. We will go back and check again a the end of the day and update you again.

Other Posts that have come through:

“Hello folks
Following an SMS sent early this morning, I have just been on the phone to JWater’s GM.
1. A senior JWater director is on his way to Talavera Estate to meet with the Contractor and JWater staff.
2. I have asked them to please urgently issue an official update explaining the situation and what is being done to remedy the situation and a possible timeline.
3. There is some confusion because the Dainfern area is without water but this is not because of the Talavera line burst.
4. They are taking this very seriously and have been made fully aware of the community’s valid concerns.”

Make sure you wash under those smelly little armpits with a face cloth or a wet wipe! They must be getting rather ripe after all these days with no water!


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