There was much excitement this week as Steyn City School, participated in the 2019 Microsoft Global Learning

Connect. They booked Mystery Skype Games and Skype Collaboration Lessons with classes from

all over the world, with their ‘virtual tours’ adding up to more than 59 000km and including Cape

Town, Poland, India, Colorado, Washington, Egypt, and Wales.

The theme of the event was “Open Hearts. Open Minds” and the students experienced new and

diverse cultures. The goal was to promote compassion, empathy, creativity, and global citizenship.

On 6 November the Global Vice President of Microsoft Education, Mr Anthony Salcito,

hand-picked Steyn City School as the only school in South Africa to meet with him during his 48

hour tour of the Globe. As they showcased their Minecraft lesson on being Proudly South African, he

was most impressed with their spirit of Ubuntu, their beautiful heritage outfits, their marimba players

and of course, the Bokke!

What an awesome experience! Well done to all who participated and joined in the fun.


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