We sincerely apologise for the late notification of a corporate conference taking place on our Outdoor Event Area tomorrow, Tuesday 8 October, which will regrettably impact on Montecasino’s neighbours. The conference was brought to our attention this afternoon, and is a national product launch by a global brand which will include live entertainment. Due to the contractual terms of the booking, we were unable to change the clauses pertaining to the hours of this launch.

This is regrettable as we have taken the feedback of our residents seriously after the numerous complaints and suggestions, and we remained fully committed to our recent promise to ensure that no events will take place at Montecasino after 18h00 if they have the potential for high noise levels. Since making this commitment, we have turned away several events, even cancelled a long-standing event due to take place in December. However, two public events which unfortunately cannot be changed as they have already been advertised, are Festival De Mexico on 26 October and Goldfish on 14 December. These events will end at 22h00.

We sincerely regret the impact that tomorrow’s product launch will have on our neighbours. In future all corporate events booked through our Groups & Conferencing department will be done in consultation with property management to ensure external corporate events do not infringe on our commitment to our residents.

The event will commence at 19h00 and will involve live music acts, concluding at 24h00.

Please accept our absolute assurance that we remain hypervigilant and sensitive to the impact we have on our community, and that we take comments, complaints, requests, and queries from our neighbours very seriously. We’re proud to be part of this community and we strive to ensure that the community is proud of us and our contribution to the area.

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