The Midrand SPCA has yet again been broken into and they have been robbed of everything they need in order to operate. Please see their post below and if anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated!

“Dear Supporter

Last night, our biggest fear over the past year, sadly became a reality. We received a call at approximately midnight which informed us that our society had been robbed yet again, and this time, they took everything….

We were greeted with empty, messy offices with paperwork all over, broken cupboards and smashed glass….. this time, we had been emptied out. We were just rooted to one spot, taking in the devastation caused and our hearts just sank.

We raced off to our kennels to check on our beloved animals and with tears of joy in our eyes, we let out a sign of relief to find our animals unharmed.

After hours of dealing with the SAPS and all the logistics it entailed, we knew it was time to get down to the work and start sorting out the mess in the offices and take an inventory. As the morning passed, the list continued to grow… All our systems – telephones, alarm, CCTV and cameras were all damaged, with all the operating systems being stolen. Our 3 printers, intercom system, vaccines, cellphones, medications and various other items were all stolen. Locked cupboards were ripped open and all the content was ransacked and emptied of anything of value.

We have had to close our doors today and due to this devastation will be unable to operate tomorrow. We are currently still without phone lines so we cannot take calls in the office, but our emergency lines are working. We are still taking stock of all the damage and potential work required. This is a heavy blow and sadly we have tough times ahead of us, but we wont give up!

Now we need all help we can get in order to put a stop to these activities that have been plaguing our society. We ask that you kindly make a donation towards the safety of our animals and staff so that we can safeguard them at all times.

Please make donations so that we can upgrade our security. We cannot afford to spend any further funds on security upgrades as we are battling financially as it is.

Donations can be made via by EFT using the below details:

Midrand SPCA
Acc No: 1686012799
Branch Code: 198765
Reference: Security

We would like to thank everyone that has come forward to assist us to date and for all the messages and emails. We will post updates asap. We apologise for not yet having responded to all messages and emails, but we promise to do so as soon as possible. Thank you very much to TRSS for placing night gaurds at our society tonight. We appreciate your support!

Our staff member was beaten and locked up, but otherwise thankfully unharmed and we have had offers of counseling which we will make use of.

Please help us to upgrade our security, we cannot do this on our own. Thank you for all the support!”


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