Making a difference one snare at a time!

The KaiNav Conservation Foundation was founded by a Fourways family who is passionate about the wilderness and biodiversity conservation. The name “KaiNav” comes from the two brothers, Kailen and Navelan Padayachee, Executive Directors and Co-Founders of the foundation. Sadly, early last year, Navelan tragically passed away on a Search and Rescue mission to save someone else’s life. A heart breaking loss and a true fallen hero. This left a huge gap in the hearts of the Padayachee family as well as the Off Road Rescue Unit. Kailen and his family continue to honour the commitment they have made to this organization and it really is something to be extremely proud of.

The KaiNav Conservation Foundation aims to promote urban biodiversity conservation. As an environmental research and education organization, KaiNav Conservation Foundation strives to promote and facilitate environmental research conducted by young scientists and improve regional, national and international biodiversity conservation through various initiatives.

The S.N.A.R.E  (Snare Neutralization, Awareness and Removal Effort) Initiative is their flagship program. This program is a snare removal, awareness and research program committed to not only removing snares and traps from natural areas but also gather data to assess snare poaching and the illicit bushmeat trade, particularly in areas close to extensive human populations.

Unique art pieces are made from the snare wire used by poachers to illegally harvest wildlife. This is an initiative focused on conserving wildlife through art! I think it is such an a clever way of changing a negative into a positive! I highly commend this family and think they are amazing for what they do!

Thank you Padayachee Family! We need more people like you!


The KaiNav Conservation foundation is a non-profit environmental research organization focusing on biodiversity conservation, natural resource management and environmental education. KaiNav Conservation Foundation is established and based in Johannesburg South Africa

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