Preshan Ramoorthy, a vibrant, young entrepreneur who from a young age has aways dreamt big. And his dreams have definitely materialized into reality…meet the owner of Lupa Design Quarter and Bedfordview. He is a quiet individual who works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that customers feel the warm Italian welcome and that quality is never compromised. 

The success of these two restaurants has not been an easy journey, but because of his passion for food and his unrivalled determination to make it work, through sacrifice, long hours and sheer drive, both of them have flourished. Even with the unfortunate turn of events that Covid-19 placed on the industry, his business savviness kept him well equipped to weather the pandemic storm and continue to keep the doors of the restaurant open, without compromising on the human element of the business. 

Surprisingly, Preshan has a very long career in IT and spent time in the UK building his technical capabilities, so much so, that he was promoted to CIO at the age of 28, a huge milestone for him. But that did not deter him from wanting to drive his personal ambition of owning his own business which he started off by securing a very lucrative franchise at OR Tambo International Airport. The bug had definitely bitten him and when he looked deeper into the Lupa 

brand, it was love at first sight. When his Bedford store opened in June 2018, it was an indeed a very proud moment for the quiet, little boy from Springs, who refused to give up on his dreams. 

In November 2019, when he secure the Design Quarter store, he was filled with immense emotion because it was indeed proof that hard work does not go unrewarded. And it does not stop here, Preshan is in constant contact with his customers, taking away feedback and trying new and improved ways of doing things to keep them happy. His mission is to keep Lupa feeling like your Italian home away from home where everyone is welcome. If you take a trip down to Design Quarter on a Saturday afternoon you will be greeted by a wonderful vibe where people are laughing and enjoying the live entertainment, but more noticeable, is that people are enjoying a good meal at Lupa, and you can see it through the relaxed atmosphere within the restaurant. 

Whether people are sitting in the comfort of the interior or the cool, freshness of the outside, they are always smiling and happy to be there and this is what Preshan believes drives his passion for this business, the satisfied customer. His continuous strive for improvement and don’t give up attitude, coupled with an undying passion for business is what makes him get up in the morning and 

seize each day with a positive outlook. But Preshan is a man with two loves in his life, we mentioned his love for business, but his second one is his family. 

While he drives himself very hard to keep his businesses running smoothly, he always manages to find the time to spend with his wife and two daughters. Family time is important to him and there are times when finding the right balance has posed challenges for him, but he does make the time for the people who support his goals and dreams. After all, he does live the true Lupa motto; si vive solo una volta 

Address: Design Quarter, William Nicol Dr &, Leslie Ave, Magaliessig, Sandton, 2067



Phone: 011 465 1640

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