17 Year old Lonehill Resident, Paige Innes has Won 5 Gold Medals in Dancing for South Africa!

Post by Belinda Nagel Lombard on ILF:
Paige Innes, I’m so incredibly proud of you and the rest of the SA Teams. You were all incredible. Six dances and 5 gold medals! Can’t wait to hug our own 5 times World Champion!!!!

Paige has been dancing for as long as she can remember and has been competing since she was 8 years old! She is unbelievably passionate about dancing but not just the physical aspect of it, but by “making an impact, creating a lasting moment and memory in the minds of the audience.” She wishes to inspire young girls with the same passion to live up to their dream! Belinda Nagel Lombard, ILF member and a friend of The Innes family has said that she is so blown away by Paige’s dedication and hard work in dancing and to top it of she excels academically despite the demanding hours of her training.

Your weather this week is showing rain and clouds till about mid week. It is expected to dry up around Thursday and throughout the weekend…

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