The SPCA have appealed to the community for information regarding the hanging of a Dachshund in Lonehill. While the images are upsetting the SPCA have asked the community to help find the culprits of this incredibly cruel act. The incident occurred in a field at the corner of Lonehill Boulevard and Capricorn Road.

Statement from LRA “The LRA can confirm that this senseless and vicious act of animal cruelty took place in our community. We appeal to any resident who can be of assistance in the investigation to contact the SPCA on the number provided.”

On the 22nd of April this year a Lonehill resident was out walking her dog when someone shot and killed her dog, the incidents may not be related however both are acts of a cold calculated person.

If you have any information please contact Sandton SPCA on 011 444 7730.


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