A local member has written to us to give a bit of background about an organisation taking care of orphans just down the road from Fourways! They have a phenomenal concept and set ups like this deserve our support! For those wanting to get involved, see below…

LIV Lanseria is a village for orphaned and vulnerable children, where our vision is to raise them as future leaders of South Africa. The first LIV Village was established 8 years ago in Durban and we have seen the model working so well that we have now expanded to Lanseria. Our village is located a very short drive from Fourways and is 2 minutes drive from the Lanseria Airport. We currently have 4 foster families living on site, with 21 children between them, a baby home with 16 abandoned babies and an onsite ECD preschool with 80 children. We also feed more than 2000 children in the surrounding communities at preschools three times a week.

We have over 5 million orphans in South Africa, this is just the ones we know of, there are likely many more. This forgotten generation is something that no individual organisation or governing body has capacity to deal with and we believe that government, business, church and ordinary individual citizens should work together to tackle this crisis to create a better future for all in South Africa.

We are holding some Mandela Day Campaigns and one is a simple coin collection challenge where businesses, schools, churches or individuals can fill any plastic bottle (5l water bottle, empty oros bottle etc) with coins, and then hand them over to us on Mandela day. We would love the fourways community as a whole to get more involved with us! 

Check out their facebook page HERE

Or email: [email protected]

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