I recently contacted I Love Fourways Member, Stefan Graunke who has an I Love Fourways listed business promoting his incredible skills and services… I was immediately captivated by his posts on facebook as I am always saying how lucky my boys are to have a dad like theirs, teaching them great skills that they can use for life! I tend to worry about kids these days as there is very little focus on becoming hands on and being able to take on normal day to day tasks because these days, almost everything is done for them… I know it is very difficult for a lot of parents as some don’t necessarily have the time, skills or patience to teach their kids these invaluable lessons of Life… THIS is why, I am SO thrilled that Stefan has put this incredible Life Academy in to motion and boys and girls can learn some incredible stuff! which they can only benefit from in years to come! Please have a read below on what Life Academy is all about!

At life Academy, we focus on creating programmes that allow the children to learn through application. Covering a wide variety of skills in each of our programmes gives them a better foundation to solve every day problems.

We believe that mistakes are life’s greatest teachers and our team guides students so that safe practice is maintained but do not remove the possibilities for making mistakes.

My name is Stefan Graunke and I am the founder of Life Academy.

I started Life Academy to be a centre of my childhood dreams. A centre where we teach skills that give each of our students the opportunity to express their creativity.

We believe that creativity cannot be taught and that the stress of achieving marks or being judged on their creativity creates the first and most difficult barrier to overcome.

Life Academy is not a school. We are a centre for learning new and interesting skills. From how to knot tie and knit to building a house and go karts. It’s a place to get dirty, try out cool tools and take home amazing unique items that each has made. A place that promotes chatting during sessions and having fun. Each child learns differently and we try and accommodate everyone’s unique learning styles so that they leave knowing more then when they arrived.

We have a beautiful farm shed where the workshops take place, as well as a Lego centre for the children to work on their fine motor skills and a greenhouse to cater for the green fingers.

Our workshops and programmes cater for children 4 years old till 18. Don’t worry if you are younger or older we can still accommodate with special request.

Our costs start from R250 and are based on the cost of materials and the time involved to complete the workshop/programme.


At Life Academy we have a variety of different programmes. Most of which run over a month.

Craft workshops (1:30hr)

Starting from R250 per workshop

These are our fun workshops where kiddies will be cutting and decorating all sorts of stuff.

Focusing more on creativity and how to have fun with DIY and less on getting it perfect.

These are best suited for young children or those who are a bit scared of jumping into the world of woodwork and other DIY elements.

Beginner Workshops (2hrs)

Starting from R450 per workshop

These are for those who are slightly older and more confident with using their hands.

Workshops involve preparing materials, constructing the project and adding those unique finishing touches.

Intermediate workshops

(4x1hr sessions per month)

Starting from R600 per month

These are for the children who have joined at least one of our other workshops so we can see where they are in terms of tool knowledge and safety.

The projects will be a lot more involved as we will not prepare any of the materials before the workshops unlike in the above where we pre cut 90% of it to save time.

We will chat about design and important aspects of the build that will make or break the final product. They will then help cut and prepare the materials and then build and add the finishing touches. Each project is is then taken home to be enjoyed by the family.

Skill development programme

(4x 2hr sessions per month)

Starting at R1200 per month

This is for the children who ask why. We have allocated time to answering all the questions and teaching more of the theory behind what we are doing in the workshops. Workshops involve applied science, biology, geography, mathematics and business as well as a lot of tool work and woodwork. Due to the size of these projects and that they are done in teams, they are not taken home but rather named by their creator and kept at the school for others to admire or use.

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